**Plantation Security Alert** Plantation Thieves Jailed
             *****PLANTATION SECURITY ALERT*****
                  Thieves Apprehended Stealing Metal
Around dusk yesterday, an alert Grady County neighbor noticed two men acting suspiciously near an old building located on rural private property that is posted and patrolled by Plantation Security, Inc.
Plantation Security Lt. Wallace Hancock and the Grady County Sheriff were notified. Upon arriving at the scene, the Officers apprehended the suspects as they were loading metal into their truck. The suspects knew they were trespassing and said that they were planning to sell the metal for profit.
Both suspects were transported to the Grady County Jail and their truck was impounded.
Major Alan Lamarche, President of Plantation Security, Inc. said that scrap metal thievery is a growing "profitable" crime in most rural areas of south Georgia and north Florida. "The price of all metals is high right now and everything from copper to aluminum to steel and iron are bringing top dollar at scrap yards. With a depressed economy and high unemployment, many desperate people are turning to 'scrapping' to make money," he said. 
There are legitimate "scrappers" who advertise and get the owner's permission before entering private property to remove anything. Unfortunately, there are far more "unsavory scrappers" who will drive through rural areas to scout for unprotected buildings, pivots, automobiles, AC units and other farm equipment. The thieves will frequently wait until dusk to trespass and quickly load their loot after most managers and owners are at home having supper and settling in for the evening. Some have been known to strip the electrical wiring out of an entire house, while destroying walls and removing AC units in a very short time. Such property destruction can cost the owner hundreds of times more in damage than the actual value of the stolen metal."
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