March 17, 2009

                              DO NOT be complacent, DO NOT become a victim                   
With growing unemployment and a dwindling economy, rural crime is on the increase, and the chances of being victimized are increasing daily!  In some parts of rural America, land owners fear for their personal safety. The desperation of unemployed urban dwellers is beginning to result in a new focus on the less "fortified," large acreage property owners who appear to the "have nots" to "have everything"! Unlike city folks who have police and "911" response moments away, the Cavalry is few and far between in Rural America.
Plantation Security is asking you to help us to protect you, your family, your property, and the Plantation Community by immediately implementing the precautionary security measures below.
In a few days, we will be sending you a comprehensive "Plantation Owners Security Manual" and an updated list of local Emergency Phone Numbers.
1. Owners and Managers, please remind all employees to keep gates locked, offices, residences, Tack rooms and out buildings locked. Our officers have recently made security checks of Plantation offices and tack rooms that were not secure and completely unattended. (There have been recent thefts of expensive tack on properties that PSI does not protect.)
2. If residences and offices have alarm systems, check with the alarm company to ensure that the system is functional and that they have the appropriate "key holder" and "response" agency on file if the alarm goes off.  Establish a written procedure for employees or family members to "arm" the system when leaving work or home or during the night. If you are a Plantation Security Client, be sure to list PSI and the local Sheriff as a "response" agency.
2. Everyone, remove keys and lock all unattended vehicles and machinery and don't leave cameras, shotguns, purses or other valuables in open view. Consider adding locking gas caps to vehicles and farm equipment. Lock all fuel depots and keep inventory of fuel draws.
3. Maintain ample lighting (dusk to dawn activated) around residences, offices, tack rooms, barns, and out buildings. Keep heavy foliage trimmed away from residences, especially entrances and windows. Install motion activated flood lights in dark areas around residence and offices.
4. If a residence is left unattended for any length of time (vacation, shopping, etc.), tell other Plantation personnel so they can be on the alert for strange vehicles or persons and call Plantation Security and other authorities.
Plantation Security has been sending regular SECURITY ALERTS to the Plantation Community for about 6 months, but we do not have everyone's address. If you receive this Alert, please forward it to other Plantation Owners, Managers and  employees. They can get on our Mailing list by sending a note to or by making a request through our website .
We are currently compiling a comprehensive "Plantation Owners Security Manual" designed to help PSI Clients, Owners and Managers to provide the greatest criminal deterrence during these difficult and threatening times. This information, along with an updated list of emergency phone numbers, will be sent to you in several days and, shortly after, will be available on our website,

Be Safe, Be Alert!
Major Alan Lamarche, President
Ga. 800-892-2219
Fla. 850-893-2219
Cell 850-510-9184

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