Thieves in South Georgia and North Florida are targeting farm chemicals (video), fuel, copper wire and small machinery.
With the high unemployment and sluggish economy, rural property crimes continue to increase.
Plantation Security, Inc. reminds land owners that these thieves are seeking the easy targets. In a recent case, the owner of a small expensive tractor had parked his tractor on a trailer by a barn that was behind two wire fences. The thieves entered at night by cutting a hole in both fences, driving in and taking the trailer with the mower on it. They left the same way they came in. What could the owner of the tractor have done to prevent this theft? Maybe nothing, but locking the trailer to a tree with a case hardened chain and lock and, locking the tractor to the trailer and removing the tractor key would have made it a more difficult target to steal.
In another case, thieves were siphoning fuel by unscrewing the fuel meter and slipping a hose through port of a large fuel tank. What can be done to prevent this? We suggest using "Lock Tite" on the threads of all ports on fuel tanks that are held on by screws or bolts to prevent this theft. Obviously, keep all fuel tanks and supplies locked. 
Educate yourself and your staff to keep gates, autos and buildings locked, chain lock small machinery, remove all keys from vehicles and equipment, and be alert at all times. Farm chemical, machinery and metal thieves will strike mostly at night or on weekends to avoid being caught. They strike quickly and quietly, and property owners must take every precaution to protect their property.
For specific information on how to deter such criminal activity, contact Plantation Security, Inc. at www.plantationsecurity.com . While at the P.S.I. site, click on the ARTICLES header and read the PLANTATION OWNERS/MANAGERS SECURITY MANUAL.
We encourage you to view the below WALB News video on the most recent farm chemical thievery.
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