October 04, 2012
                                                                    *****PLANTATION SECURITY ALERT*****
                                                                    METAL THIEVES STEALING GATES
There was a recent report of multiple metal gates being stolen from an area Plantation. For the most part, the gates were not locked. A "black Chevrolet pickup truck" was seen in the area where a gate was stolen. Be Alert and call the Sheriff immediately. Call PSI (FL 893-2219  GA 800-893-2219) if you are one of our Clients. We do not recommend that civilian Plantation Staff try to capture these thieves themselves. Call immediately and observe from a distance. Be a good witness. Get descriptions of vehicle, suspects if possible and don't get injured or killed over a gate. Leave the dangerous part to the trained professionals.
The best way to secure your metal gates is to use case hardened chain and locks to secure the post to the hinge side of the gate as well as the lock (swinging) side of the gate. You cannot count on the two pivot pins that attach to the post because they can easily be defeated by the thieves.
These thieves are apparently stealing the gates for sale at scrap metal yards. These types of criminals will steal anything made primarily of metal including Tractor implements, AC Units, metal framing, rolls of wire, freezers, refrigerators, tire rims, etc., etc. It doesn't matter to them if it is old or new. They will often cut the metal into smaller pieces to make it difficult to identify. These thieves will strike any time of the day or night. They frequently locate what they want during the day and return after dark to take it.
PSI and the Sheriffs are working with the Owners of several nearby scrap metal yards to identify suspects. Positively identifying the metal as coming from a specific location is difficult. We urge all Plantations to maintain a file with photograph and serial number (if applicable) of anything and everything of value.
Major Alan Lamarche, President
                                       EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS

GEORGIA                                                                                 FLORIDA

Plantation Security, Inc. 1-800-893-2219                          Plantation Security, Inc. 893-2219

EMERGENCY 911......All Counties                                   EMERGENCY 911....All Counties

Baker County Sheriff...229-743-3002                               Jefferson Co. Sheriff....997-5414

Brooks County Sheriff...229-263-7558                             Leon County Sheriff.......922-3300

Colquitt Co. 229-616-7430                                               Madison Co. Sheriff........973-4151

Decatur County Sheriff...229-246-3320                            Gadsden Co. Sheriff.......627-9233

Dougherty Co. Police...229-430-6600                               Wakulla Co. Sheriff......926-0800

Grady County Sheriff...229-377-5200                               FWC 24 hour............1-888-404-3922

Lee County Sheriff....229-759-6012

Mitchell Co. 229-336-2030

Thomas County Sheriff...229-225-4151

Turner County Sheriff.....229-567-2401

Worth County Sheriff......229-776-8211

DNR 24 Hour Statewide Dispatch..1-800-241-4113

DNR Albany (South Ga.) 229-430-4252 or 1-800-263-4262