December 19, 2008

                              PLANTATION SECURITY ALERT--North East Leon County 

During recent days there have been reports of individuals operating motor driven "Powered Parachutes" over North East Leon County Plantation duck ponds, disturbing hunters and frightening away ducks.
Plantation Security Officers have been investigating the situation and we believe we have identified the pilots. We have encountered this in past years with similar personal aircraft and have been successful in gaining the cooperation of the pilots who did not realize that they were causing a problem. We are attempting to contact these individuals and are hopeful that they will be cooperative.
We are limited in legal resources to control such activity. Neither the Federal Government or the State regulates these type of aircraft and the Federal Government specifically authorizes the use of air space for recreation, transportation and so on. At this time, we are attempting to use diplomatic channels.
Please let our Officers know if you experience future harassment or other problems of significance relating to these aircraft. Meanwhile, we will be contacting Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and the State Attorneys Office for possible guidance and assistance if our current efforts fail.

Major Alan Lamarche, President

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