December 24, 2008

I am asking Plantation Owners and personnel to be alert and aware at all times and be prepared to call 911, The local Sheriff or Plantation Security when trespass or other criminal activity is suspected.
The holiday season historically brings an increase in all types of crime and we are seeing more this year than usual. The current economic and unemployment conditions are resulting in an increase in poaching, residential and automobile burglaries and thefts.
Please remind all employees to keep gates locked, residents and out buildings locked and remove keys from unattended automobile and equipment. When the hunting party meets at the break away location, be sure to lock all auto's left there and don't leave camera's, shotguns or purses in open view. 
If a residence is left unattended for any length of time (vacation, shopping, etc.), tell other Plantation personnel so they can be alert to notice strange vehicles or persons and call Plantation Security and other authorities. 
The best defense for ordinary citizens against criminals is AWARENESS and ALERTNESS. If you see someone or something that doesn't look right, chances are it's not right. Don't approach strangers or unknown situations. Keep a cell phone handy and call, don't try to deal with an unknown matter yourself.
Below is a list of Emergency Phone Numbers for the Counties currently served by Plantation Security. Program the numbers for your County in your cell phone and post them near home and office phones.
Major Alan Lamarche, President
Plantation Security Inc.

Plantation Security - 1-800-893-2219
EMERGENCY 911 - All Counties
Turner County Sheriff - 567-2401
Worth County Sheriff - 776-8211
DNR 24 Hour Statewide Dispatch - 1-800-241-4113
Brooks County Sheriff....263-7558
Decatur County Sheriff...246-3320
Dougherty Co. Police.....430-6600
Grady County Sheriff.....377-5200
Lee County Sheriff.........759-6051
Thomas County Sheriff...225-4151
Turner County Sheriff.....567-2401
Worth County Sheriff......776-8211
DNR Albany (South Ga.) 430-4252 or 1800-263-4262

Plantation Security...893-2219
EMERGENCY 911...All Counties
Jefferson Co. Sheriff...997-5414
Leon County Sheriff...922-3300
Madison Co. Sheriff...973-4151
Gadsden Co. Sheriff...627-9233
Wakulla Co. Sheriff...926-7171
FWC 24 hour...1-888-404-3922

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