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held at

Tall Timbers on July 21, 2010


See Photo's and letter from Major Alan Lamarche below:


Power point Presentation by Leon County EMS Sgt. Shane Weaver


Plantation Managers & Employees were intently interested and involved


Paramedic FTO Davie Kelly demonstrates procedure on Angie Reid


Deborah Northcut and the Waldrep boys practice new CPR technique


Plantation Security Captain Rich Lettera thanks the Leon County EMS Team
and hands out Certificates before a fish fry lunch of grouper & snapper & all the fixins'.











July 27, 2010


Chief Tom Quillin

Leon County EMS

800-2 N. Blairstone Rd.

Tallahassee, Fl 32308


RE: Captain Sally Davis

Lieutenant Josh Peebles

Sergeant Shane Weaver

David Kelly Jr.-Paramedic/FTO

Diane Morris- Paramedic



Dear Chief Quillin


This is to personally thank you and to commend the above cited members of the Leon County EMS Team for providing an enjoyable, educational, potentially life saving Wilderness First Aid/Emergency Response Seminar to members of the Plantation Community on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at the Tall Timbers Research Station.


You will be especially proud when you realize extraordinary efforts and creativity that your Team demonstrated by developing, from scratch, and presenting one of the most outstanding, professional presentations that I have experienced in my many years of public safety and security work.


Plantation Security, Inc. has served the Plantation Community for 30 years, and we have long recognized the need for a better understanding of basic "first responder" knowledge among those who work and reside in wilderness areas that are geographically removed from the usual momentary response capabilities of EMS Services. This past spring, a request was made through one of our Plantation Security Officers, David Kelly, Sr. to his son, Paramedic/FTO David Kelly, Jr., who brought our request to Captain Sally Davis. Captain Davis warmly received our request and immediately went to work with her team to design a Wilderness First Aid/Emergency Response training program to accommodate this special need. The result was an outstanding, professional Power Point presentation that included information, handouts and hands on training with an explanation and tour of the  specialized vehicles and equipment that is available for wilderness emergency medical response.    



To my knowledge, this was the first such "Wilderness First Aid/Emergency Response" Seminar presented in our area, and we pray it will not be the last. There were almost 50 Plantation Community attendees, including Administrators, Managers, Dog Trainers, tractor drivers and others who live and work in remote areas. There are many more Plantation folks who did not attend, and as word spreads, we fully expect to receive requests for future Seminars.


On behalf of those who attended this Seminar and on behalf of the Plantation Owners who will ultimately benefit from the enhanced knowledge of their staff, I again thank you and commend the above members of your EMS Team of "Professionals."





Major Alan Lamarche