Charlie Strickland

Charlie has more than two decades of law enforcement experience and is now a small business owner, having trained thousands of people to better protect themselves through his businesses, Talon Training Group and Talon Range in Midway, Florida. He also owns and operates Talon Security, Talon Tactical Outfitters and Dry Creek Quail Co-op (he’s not great at being bored).

The primary focus of Charlie’s businesses is providing a secure environment for people to enjoy their homes, spend time with their families and grow their businesses. Whether it’s training someone to handle a firearm safely, evaluating a home or business for a security plan, or physically providing personal protection, Charlie has the expertise to implement the customized solution that fits the situation.

Donna Strickland

Donna has been working at the Leon County Sheriff’s office for more than 20 years with experience in traffic support, communications and management. She is a highly sought-after expert contractor in communication supervision for national events. As Charlie’s business partner, she’ll manage scheduling, staffing and payroll, making sure the right people are on the job to provide the necessary coverage and communication. 

Charlie and Donna are parents of a daughter and a son, in addition to Charlie’s two adult daughters and two grandchildren. They’ve been married for 20 years. If you follow Charlie on social media, you’ve probably also met his faithful companion, Rusty the Dry Creek Dog.